"To stop breast feeding was hard. But to stop wearing wool nursing pads was even harder!"

A mother using LANACare breast pads

“I was so pleased when my nipples were healed after using the shells for only two days! Nothing short of nature's miracle - I highly recommend this.”

Siddika, Watford

“After my third baby was born, I was really struggling with sore nipples. It was hard enough finding time to breast feed the new baby with a 4 year old and 2 year old to take care of.  I simply couldn't find the time to look into solutions and take care of myself, so the soreness got worse and worse and the pain and rawness was unrelenting.  I was set on breast feeding, as I had the first 2 children and felt so upset about struggling to do so.  A friend sent me these amazing shells and at first I was a bit wary, but I couldn't believe the results after only a day.  In just a few days, my nipples were healing and whilst I still occasionally experienced a bit of pain whilst breast feeding, the soreness and rawness were gone.  I wore them every day for a few hours and have been able to continue breast feed my baby who is now 5 months old!”

Kali, Sevenoaks

“I guess I thought that breastfeeding my third child would be straight forward but unfortunately that was not the case. I was in pain and agony every feed, so much so I was often in tears (not something I am used to). I used the breast shells and found them to be brilliant. They really helped my breast recover between feeds. After 6/7 weeks things started to get better but I could understand why people think of giving up breast feeding - luckily I got through it and guess I knew it was worth it and would be alright in the end. But when you’re in that much pain I found the shells were a massive help!”

Zoe, South West London, 35

The breast shells arrived just as my milk came in and I used them for two weeks. I never got sore breasts, they definitely worked for me!

Megan, Croydon