Most mums have a few products that they just couldn’t be without. Do let us know what your favourite products are, we would love to hear from you! Below is what some other mums have sent us.

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American stuff

Every mother in America has a tube of Neosporin in their bag - it's an antibacterial gel with pain relief, perfect for grazes and cuts. Also, in America there are cotton covers (in lovely fabrics) sold to cover your car seat. I love these, as when you give snacks in the car (raisins and bread sticks are particular culprits) the crumbs cause such a mess and I never find time to clean up. These cotton covers come off easily and can be thrown in the wash.

Kali, Sevenoaks

Products I always use

"I couldn’t be without Ashton and Parsons for teething, the powder really seems to help those itchy gums. I also always have Kool n Soothe at home, it is excellent for bringing down those fevers. Tommy Tippee heat sensing spoons for early weaning are a must too, they are are priceless".

Emily, Croydon