FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For how long should I keep using the Natural Norway breast shells?

Keep on using the shells as described in the product-about section for as long as your nipples feel sore or tender. How long that is really varies from person to person. I noticed significant improvement after two days of using the shells but kept utilising them for two weeks or so to protect my nipples and ensure that the problems didn’t come back. You can always start using them again if you find that you stopped too early (just remember to wash and boil the shells before starting to use them again). And, of course, you must always make sure that your baby is latched on properly.

For how long will one pair last?

For ages! I interchanged between two pairs when breastfeeding the first time; two simply because I found that easier, I always had a clean pair to hand. I bought a new pair when nursing my son two years later but still kept on using my original pairs. There should be no need to use more than one pair for the entire time you need the Natural Norway breast shells unless you prefer to have two or more pairs available.

What is the difference between the Natural Norway breast shells and the silicone ones?

Both types of shells protect the nipples against clothing rubbing against the nipple skin but apart from that they serve different purposes. Silicon shells seem to collect excess milk in larger quantities but that milk is stored away from the nipple, i.e. your nipples will not bathe in the breast milk as is the core functionality of the Natural Norway breast shells. As such, your nipples will not benefit from being immersed in the anti-bacterial properties of the breast milk. Some silicon breast shells also treat inverted nipples which the Natural Norway breast shells do not.