About It Works Mum

Most mums have a few products that they just couldn’t be without.  For J-M, the founder of It Works Mum, the Natural Norway breast shell was definitely one of them.  So were organic wool products, both for breastfeeding purposes and for babies.  The appeal of the shells and the wool products combined with the fact that they were not available in the UK market gave rise to the creation and vision of It Works Mum:   introducing products we feel really work that are mum-essentials and readily available in other countries but not yet in the UK. 

It Works Mum Ltd are official UK distributors of the Natural Norway breast shells and the LANACare organic wool range.  J-M is from Norway so of course other Norwegian products are in the pipeline.  But many countries are represented on our mums panel – Denmark, Austria, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Australia, US and the UK.  Please stay tuned and click here if you would like to be notified when we launch the next product.

Last but not least - do let us know what your favourite products are, we would love to hear from you!  Here is what some other mums have sent us.